The Healing Properties of Cherry Fruit

Cherry fruit, round and red like a gemstone, translucent, sparkling, and sweet in taste. The cherry tree belongs to the Rosaceae family, flowering in March and April, bearing ripe fruits in May. Cherries are known for their sweet taste and warming properties, valued by traditional medicine practitioners throughout history. The ancient manuscript “Dien Nam” states, “Cherries cure all disorders, have the effect of nourishing original energy, moisturizing the skin and hair. Soaking cherries in alcohol can treat paralysis affecting half of the body, back pain, leg pain, and difficulty in limb movement due to low circulation.”

Cherry seeds are warm in nature and have detoxifying properties, promote sweating, resolve phlegm, and eliminate toxins from the body.

Cherry leaves, sweet-tasting and warm in nature, have a calming effect, aid in digestion, restrain bleeding, and detoxify. Crushed cherry leaves can effectively treat skin ulcers.

The roots of cherry trees have a neutral nature, sweet taste, and the ability to regulate blood circulation. They can treat menstrual pain, irregular menstruation caused by unbalanced blood circulation in women. Additionally, they act as anthelmintics and possess antiseptic properties.

Cherries contain abundant iron in their composition. In every 500 grams of cherries, there are 300 grams of iron, which is 20 times more than oranges, apples, or pears. This makes cherries the fruit with the highest iron content. Furthermore, cherries contain Vitamins A, B, C, which are highly beneficial for anemic patients due to iron deficiency. Due to their warm and hot properties, individuals with warm temperament should consume cherries cautiously.

Various medicinal recipes utilize cherries for treating ailments:

  • Burns: Fresh cherry juice applied to the burnt area.
  • Sunstroke: Roast 60 grams of cherry seeds with vinegar, grind into powder, and consume 15 grams daily with boiled water.
  • Snake or insect bites: Crush cherry leaves, extract the juice, drink half a cup daily with alcohol, and apply the pulp on the wound.
  • Intestinal worms: Steep 10-20 grams of cherry roots and drink the infusion.
  • Measles prevention: Crush 30 cherry seeds, mix with 10 onions (bulbs), steep in water. Add a small amount of sugar if desired. Drink twice daily.
  • Boils: Crush cherry seeds with vinegar and apply the mixture.
  • Abdominal cold pain: Burn cherry branches to create charcoal, grind into powder, mix with warmed alcohol and drink.
Morello cherries fruits on branch with leaves.

These cherry-based remedies highlight the versatility and effectiveness of cherries in treating various ailments, showcasing their valued role as a natural remedy in traditional medicine.

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