The Pink Persimmon from Da Lat – A Sweet Gift of Autumn

Da Lat is a renowned tourist city famous for its year-round cool climate, beautiful and diverse natural scenery, as well as a variety of unique flowers and fruits. Among these, the Da Lat pink persimmon is one of nature’s sweet gifts bestowed upon this mountainous town. The Da Lat pink persimmon comes in several varieties, each with different shapes, colors, sweetness, and unique processing methods, yet all offering a delightful and fascinating experience for those who indulge in them.

The origins of the Da Lat pink persimmon can be traced back to the French persimmon, which was introduced to Vietnam in the early 20th century. Due to its suitability for the climate, altitude, and soil conditions of Da Lat, the pink persimmon has thrived here, not only providing beautiful landscapes but also creating a source of income for locals and satisfying tourists. Statistics show that in Da Lat City and Duc Trong district, there are over 400 hectares of persimmon trees, yielding approximately 15,000 tons annually.

There are two main types of Da Lat pink persimmons: the crispy persimmon and the astringent persimmon. The crispy persimmon is picked while still firm and then naturally ripened. It has a reddish-orange skin, yellow flesh, and is seedless. The crispy persimmon is flat-shaped, with a palm-sized fruit. When eaten, it offers a sweet, refreshing taste, crisp texture, and is not astringent. The crispy persimmon is the most favored type, often bought as a gift or consumed fresh. Some famous crispy persimmon varieties include Fuji, Anna, and Rome.

The astringent persimmon is allowed to ripen naturally on the tree, having thin skin, soft flesh, and seeds. It has a slightly tangy and sweet taste, usually used for making preserves, juices, or even wines. The astringent persimmon is oval-shaped, small in size, resembling a chicken egg, hence also known as the egg persimmon. While it’s a traditional type of persimmon in Da Lat, it’s not as popular as the crispy variety.

Apart from the two fresh persimmon types, Da Lat pink persimmons are processed into various products such as dried persimmons, candied persimmons, persimmon jams, pickled persimmons, and canned persimmons. Dried and candied persimmons are made by removing the water content from the fruit, leaving behind the essence and pulp. They possess a rich sweetness, chewy texture, and delightful aroma, suitable for snacking or gifting. Persimmon jams, pickled persimmons, and canned persimmons are wet products processed with sugar, honey, vinegar, alcohol, etc., creating unique flavors and having a longer shelf life.

The Da Lat pink persimmon stands as an emblem of the highland city, a sweet gift of the autumn season. When visiting Da Lat, tourists should not miss the opportunity to savor these delicious persimmons, either by picking them fresh from the orchards or purchasing them as gifts. The Da Lat pink persimmon not only offers a distinctive taste experience but also represents a part of the cultural beauty and history of this city.

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